Residency Week Basics

Together...helping kids reach a new stage!

What we provide: What we ask of you:

Presenter Materials:  All materials needed to help you plan and promote your residency week—including posters, graphics, a photo and pre-written press releases—are sent approximately 90 days in advance.

Housing: Provide private (one person per room), clean, comfortable and safe accommodations for the two Tour Actor/Directors for seven nights, Sunday to Sunday. 

Audition Space: Reserve a large space; a gym is ideal.

Two Rehearsal Spaces: Reserve two separate spaces to be used the entire week; ideally, one should be the performance space and the other at least classroom size.

Performance Space: Reserve a space that is at least 28 feet wide, 16 feet deep, 10 feet high and is accessible from both sides.

Piano and Accompanist: Provide both—Wednesday through Saturday of the residency week.

Publicity:  Publicize the audition and performances utilizing the provided Presenter Materials.

Profits: Keep all proceeds from ticket sales—they belong to you!

Open Audition: Two professional MCT Tour Actor/Directors audition and cast 50-60 local school-age children in a full-length original musical production

Focused Rehearsals: Lines, staging, songs and movement are learned in four-and-a-half hours each day, Monday through Friday (two 2-hour sessions with a short snack break in between).  Not all cast members attend all sessions.

Three Enrichment Workshops: Our Tour Actor/Directors present interactive workshops to school or community groups on a variety of theatrical topics.

Two Public Performances: The residency week culminates in two public performances starring your local children, complete with professionally designed scenery and costumes.

Q&A for Presenters