Performing Arts Camp

MCT is proud to host three Performing Arts Camps: Two on the shores of Flathead Lake and one near Seeley Lake—all in beautiful Western Montana.

East Shore Camp
This theatre skill-building program is held at Camp Paxson, just outside of Seeley Lake, Montana, for students entering grades 6 or 7 in the fall of 2015. East Shore camp is a one-week camp emphasizing performing arts skills without the pressure of a major performance.

Performing Arts Camp (PAC)
SOUTH SHORE PAC: Camp runs August 2-16, 2015
An intense two-week program for students entering their junior or senior year of high school or their first year of college in the fall of 2015. This program is held at Camp Marshall, just north of Polson, Montana, with performances  August 13-15 at the MCT Center of the Performing Arts in Missoula, Montana. 
South Shore Slide Show

NORTH SHORE PAC: Camp runs August 2-16, 2015
An intense, two-week theatre camp for students entering
grades 8-10 in the fall of 2015. This program is held at the United Methodist Church Camp in Rollins, Montana, with performances August 13-15 at the MCT Center for the Performing Arts in Missoula, Montana. 
North Shore Slide Show

MCT Performing Arts Camps are open to students interested in auditioning, provided they meet the age requirement (see above). MCT tour actor/directors nominate individuals that they believe have the aptitude for our project and would benefit from the camp experience. Those nominated will receive an application and audition instructions in mid-March. Other students interested in the project may request an application via email. All applicants are notified regarding their status before Memorial Day.

Audition Information
All applicants must audition for our camps. Audition materials include a completed MCT Performing Arts Camp application signed by a parent or guardian, a DVD of your recorded audition, and 2 letters of recommendation. The DVD should include a 1 minute accompanied song and 1 minute of memorized monologue. These materials are due to MCT in mid-April.

Applicants within 100 miles of Missoula may attend an audition session Saturday, April 11, at 1:00 PM at MCT's facility (200 North Adams Street in Missoula). Applicants will be asked to present a 1 minute prepared song and a 1 minute memorized monologue.  Please bring along sheet music in the key you plan to sing, as an accompanist will be provided. The completed application, 2 letters of recommendation, and your intention to audition in Missoula must arrive at MCT by Friday, April 3, 2015.

Performing Arts Camp Employment
There are employment opportunities on an annual basis for the above camps. We accept applications for camp counselors, choreographers, accompanists, lifeguards, nurses, and cooks. MCT PAC Employment Application