Tour Staff

There is no other job quite like this one. During their week-long residencies throughout the continent and beyond, MCT Tour Actor/Directors serve as ambassadors for the arts; especially the theatre. They have the joy of directing and performing as well as the adventure of travel. Simply put, they have the opportunity and the privilege to change the lives of thousands of young people by carrying out MCT's Mission.

Current Tour Actor/Directors: 

Aaron Mateo Arroyo

Elizabeth Behnke

Kwame Lilly

Abbie Birchwell

Elizabeth Watson

Latreshia Stormer Lilly

Alex Kowalchik

Emilie LaBonte

Laura Barron

Allison Epperson

Emily Bradford

Lauren Butler

Allison McCarthy

Emma Harr

Leore Riven

Andrew Coopman

Emma Merlo

Lindsey Cline

Andrew Stairs

Erica Diederich

Mandi Corrao

Andrew Swanson

Erik Heuchert

Marta Knodle

Anna Carroll

Erik Montague

Mary Kate McLaurine

Augustus Bennett

Erika Hackmiller

Michael Persson

Beau Wilson

Gabriella Cuebas

Molly Nelson

Becca Skrha

Isabella Miyares

Morgan Maul-Smith

Benjamin Harris

Jacqueline Wiles

Nicholas Cartusciello

Blaire Smith

Jayson Rory James

Osmary Nieves

Brandon Alpert

Jennifer Crews

Paul Lewis

Brian Epperson

Jennifer Wills

Rachel Bailey

Brittany Ambler

Jeremy Cunnigham

Samantha Ricci

Brooks Cline

Jesse Hinton

Samantha St.Onge

Bryn Butler

Jessica Eisenberg

Sarah Feinmark

Chelsey Campbell

Jessica Hall

Scott McGee

Chris Chamblee

Jessica Winward

Shera Haase

Chris Wilkinson

Joe Godburn

Stephanie Walsh

CJ Bonde

Josh Osborn

Sterling Burton

Codi Henson

Josiah Miller

Tatjana Moffitt

Cody Freeman

Justin Braun

Ted Drury

Courtney Kirby

Kat Key

Theresa Egloff

Courtney Marks

Kate Schwarz

Victoria Pace

Daniel Boughton

Kristin Gilbert

Walter Astorga

Eli Halterman

Kristina Kirkham